The First VR Game:

The inaugural virtual reality game was "Maze War," developed in 1973. Players navigated through a maze displayed on a computer screen—early VR innovation!

Before "virtual reality," the term "synthetic reality" was coined by computer scientist Jaron Lanier, who is considered the pioneer of VR technology

Synthetic Reality:

Virtual Scent:

Some VR experiences include a "virtual scent" element. A device called the "FeelReal" can release scents, adding a whole new sensory dimension to gaming.

VR for Pain Management

VR is employed as a non-pharmacological pain management technique in hospitals, diverting patients' attention from pain by immersing them in virtual worlds.

Lucid Dreams and VR:

Virtual reality has been studied for its potential in inducing lucid dreams. Researchers believe VR environments could serve as triggers for achieving awareness in dreams.